Top Five Tarot Blogs

I just wish i had access to all these awesome Tarot blogs when i started to learn Tarot, every blog on this list taught me a new way of looking at Tarot and helped me expand my abilities! I learned better ways to read the cards, handle my Tarot Business and gather courage to go online(credit goes to Theresa Reed A.K.A. The cool Tarot Lady).

My list of awesome Tarot Blogs-

  1. The Tarot Lady: My list of the most inspirational Tarot Blogs start with Theresa’s blog, reading her blog literally gave me pair of fresh new Tarot eyes, her style of writing and explaining makes even the most complicated concepts of Tarot neat and easy to learn. (She’s also got a rap for every Tarot Card, Yo)
  2. Mary’s Tarot Blog: “The best place to be, if you want to learn the history”(Wanted it to sound more dramatic, lol) without a doubt she is one of the best when it comes to explaining in depth history of Tarot, spreads and many different topics on the subject.
  3. Paul Hughes Barlow: Head to Super Tarot if you want to learn about Thoth Tarot, Paul explains the secrets of Thoth Tarot in a very crisp and fresh manner.
  4. Catherine’s Tarot Elements: An awesome place to learn the esoteric technique of elemental dignities.
  5. Tarot Pathways: A Llewellyn Blog with Tarot expert Barbara Moore, full of insightful information, tricks and techniques! All that you can ask for becoming a sharp reader.

This was my list of blogs which helped me become a better reader!

Keep Learning!

Love and Hugs


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