The Fool


Keywords: New beginnings, Fresh start, Sudden changes, Start of a new cycle, Purity, Fearless free soul, Courage.

Attributes: Air Element

The Fool is like free flowing life energy before it takes shape and manifest. It’s like the field of pure potentiality containing all possibilities with in. Brahma before starting the game of creation! When the fool appears in a Tarot reading the cosmos are giving you a sign to open up to new possibilities. You have the power to achieve great things but be careful enough to make the right choice. (Always look at the cards surrounding Fool to get the idea, How wise will it be to act foolish?) Be yourself, courageously open your doors to life, don’t just live your life, experience it! If your gut and heart are deeply telling you to follow something do that, no matter how impractical it may seem to people surrounding you.

Reversed: When the Fool appears upside down in a reading it indicates Fear of change, unable to get out of one’s comfort zone, Failing to follow one’s hearts desire, Taking the wrong choice, jumping in at the wrong time.

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