Beauty of Thoth Tarot

dsc_0392.jpgI am pretty old school when it comes to tarot. It’s only now that i have finally started experimenting with other decks too. No matter which new deck i choose to play with, it ends up being a temporary love affair. In the end, i find myself  going back to my old faithful Thoth deck whenever i need answers to the currents of life.

The vivid colors and thought provoking patterns make this deck stand apart from many decks available in the market! Thoth tarot have always been ahead of it’s time be it the art work, clever use of projective geometry and psychedelic color blends breathing life into the pictures making them jump out of their borders. Or wisdom expressed with the symbols way before time, without worrying about the secret oaths of the magical orders.


The Thoth deck started as a project to correct and bring to light the hidden symbolism of secret magical orders. And create a Tarot pack which provides true attributions of Tarot. It took Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris five years to complete this enormous task. And while doing so, Crowley poured every bit of his esoteric magical wisdom into the cards. Harris did full justice to his wisdom with her genius artwork. Sad is neither Crowley nor Harris lived to see the global influence and acceptance of their work. The impact of the artwork was so powerful that the Thoth soon secured the place of classic tarot deck, others being Waite Smith and Marseilles.

I started tarot with Waite Smith deck like many but soon discovered Thoth tarot (or Thoth discovered me!). When i first saw the cards, it was a love at first sight. My eyes melted into the art and colors. They immediately induced a state of very enjoyable trance and impressed themselves upon me. These cards have that gentle yet very tough, kind yet bitchy at the same time energy. lol…

To be honest it was pretty difficult to start woking with Thoth in the beginning. (Falling in love is the easier part anyways i guess! It take efforts to make that love last.) Everything seemed so different. My poor eyes were trained to work with Waite-Smith deck for years but now Thoth gleaming powerfully at me with all it’s symbolism and fancy colors was a bit scary. After countless attempts of trying to find a good book to learn from (Not much options were available for Thoth tarot) i retired back to the book of thoth. Written by Crowley himself helped me understand not only the cards but also the basics of Kabbala, tree of life on which the tarot is based. I say basic because knowing even a little about the tree of life, it’s structure helps one in understanding and appreciating the uniqueness and the beauty of master piece Thoth Tarot is!


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