The Empress

Keywords: Nature, Motherhood, Matters of family, Abundance, Protection, Creativity, fertility, Inspiration.

Attributes: Venus

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Blood rushes into my head and makes me feel cozy(I want you guys to know I blush at the sight of the empress, lol.) every time I see empress in someone’s reading. Her energy is pure stream of creativity flooding out with immense power, channel her if you can and you have the ability to birth a nebula (now that was intended exaggeration of a fact). Empress is the earth mother and this card in your reading is a promise that you are in the list of the children she adores and love. Spend sometime in nature and try to connect with the spirit of earth to experience her energy around you. Let nature nurture and relax your soul.

When you get the empress in your reading, please make some hot chocolate and prepare to sink deep into your recliner because she is going to bring comfort and peace into your life. Over the years I have noticed that if you get the empress in your readings frequently, getting your birth chart read (that is the position of your personal planets and their influence on your life) is beneficial. The planet attributed to empress is venus. Venus is the natural ruler of second and the seventh house in astrology. Second house is roughly the significator of money, family wealth and also known as the house of possessions. This connection gives empress her common keywords of abundance, wealth and opportunity. Whereas the seventh house brings in the energy of relationship, support and care into the card.

This way having a bit of information about astrology can help one understand cards a little better. But remember the single attribution or planet is not a complete card itself. Tarot cards are a complex mix of various elements. I guess that’s what make them so unique and individual.

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The empress on the tree of life connects second sephiroth chokmah (wisdom) to the third sephiroth binah (understanding). Binah the female energy receives the plan from chokmah the male force and starts the game of creation. And manifests the life as we see it. If you look deeply this is how our thoughts work! Our mind receives inspiration from super conscious, from there our sub conscious mind receives the idea in a form of flash and then our conscious mind acts to execute our thoughts.

The vibrance of empress is so promising and magical that it’s very easy to get lost in her world of love, emotions and creativity. It’s easy to get lost in the stream of ideas. Have you ever got tangled in the whirlpool of different ideas, all of them beautiful and promising but nothing worked out? That’s her shadow aspect, seconds of carelessness and you are lost. Remember there are two face of coin, what posses the power to birth something holds equal power to dissolve it back to silence.

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The Empress with different suits of Tarot: 

Wands: When many wands show up with empress in a reading, you are on a creative high. Carefully chart your ideas and make notes. 

Cups: Emotion and feelings are her aspect and it is beautiful to see positive cups surrounding empress. They bring beauty and message of new love (2 of cups + Empress). But be watchful when negative cups choose to show up with her. This combination brings to surface her depressing and hateful side. 

Swords: This combination teaches us the role of our intelligence and mind in making our lives better. After all creativity when executed with solid plan bring better results.

Disks: After cups disks are her favourite cards to hang around with, she creates wealth and abundance with the disks. Also gives us the ability to feel the comfort of her love in our manifested life. Oh and a quick tip is, remember all the queens in tarot are manifestation of empress as women. More on that in some other post later.

That was the Empress a mother, lover, daughter and a friend. 

P.S. : As I was writing this post my nephew demanded my attention to the point that I had to dictate half the post. (I mothered him and put him to sleep) And I just realised it’s friday, day ruled by venus too. It’s beautiful how cards manifest their energy in our lives sometimes.

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