The High Priestess

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Keywords:  Cycles, Flow of events, Psychological context of the situations, Patterns, Mysteries,  Spiritual Growth, stillness. 

Attributes: Moon

For me this card have always been very secretive and multilayered, The traditional meanings like a female would help and secrets will come to surface never worked for me. I don’t say they are wrong and serve no purpose but every time I tried applying those meanings to my readings no doubt they failed horribly. And then one day it struck me that the planet she is attributed to is Moon. Now moon is famous for its cycles and the constant change it brings to life forms. (Human/Nature). Slowly I started to understand the importance of this card in the readings. It became obvious that high-priestess is something more than intuition or psychic impulse. She is the very cause setting these energies into motion. She is self contained and doesn’t require anything to complete her.

Be assured when you get a high priestess in your reading that some change is silently taking place. The position of the card determines if you are experiencing the influence in the present or yet to experience it. To make the most of the energies available when you pull high priestess  try to silence your mind. Try meditation to calm your mental chatter and in silence try to feel in which area of life the change is really happening. Pay attention to the pattens in your life when you pull the high-priestess. If there are pattens which are no longer serving you use the energy to break the patterns.

I can’t stress enough about how important this card is when it comes to the psychological context of the question. Depending on the position in the spread this card can reveal a great deal about the mind set of the person/situation you are reading for. To understand the context just look at the cards surrounding the high-priestess. 

For example:  If your question is about, How to get this task done?

And the cards you pull out are 8 of wands, High priestess and 7 of cups.

I would read it in this way: To get this task done you’ve got to act fast/smart and not waste time in second guessing the way in which the task is to be done. 8 of wands is a fast card and the way it influence the high priestess is, it speeds up the change she is already manifesting. So psychologically the reading suggests to keep a mindset that’s quick in decision making and clutter-less to efficiently get the task done.

She is the silent Empress of the major arcana reigning over the domain of mysteries, wisdom and darkness. Many times I have seen this card pointing towards the deep shadow aspect of our personality. The cold stillness we experience in our lives sometime is her energy. Not every time we grow is smooth, sometimes we need to learn harsh lessons too. She is like the teacher who makes sure her students understand and respect what they learn. Magician pours his energy outwards to create what he desires. Whereas the High priestess contains and keeps the energy within to grow what is desired. She doesn’t need the showmanship of the magician, her silence brings her all she seeks.  She reminds us the importance of silence in the process of manifestation. My experience is right balance of stillness and action is the key to speedy manifestation.

Now if you look at her position on the Tree of life, she connects Kether (pure energy) to Tiphareth (awakened consciousness). High priestess is the bridge connecting our higher self to the god energy. That’s why she is so important and is always connected with deep knowledge and wisdom. Her energy is present in everything that helps our consciousness grow. 

The veil in the high-priestess represents the veil of our conscious mind, mind with its countless thoughts veils the greater truth. Beyond the veil lies the still ocean of wisdom. To go beyond it, is the most important lesson she teach.

Stillness is another thing that I love about this card. Still yet flowing through the cycles. Notice her she sits motionless and cold on the outside but ocean of energy churning on the inside. Sometimes to get things done in our life all we need is stillness. When the life is going through a tough patch and you get the high priestess. It is a perfect time for some moments of solace to gain back the strength and balance.

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  • High priestess with different suits of Tarot:
  1. Wands: If there are majority of wands with the high priestess in a reading. This would indicate to pay attention to the direction or the style of how we execute something. It also asks us to question what drives us from deep with in, what keeps the fire roaring. 
  2. Cups: Many cups with the high priestess bring into picture the subtle yet dominant influence of emotional energy. Notice the type of cups (I call it noticing the cluster of cards around) to understand the type of influence. Happy cups like 3, 1, 2, 9 will indicate calm emotions helping the client grow. The difficult cups 4, 5, 8 on the other hand would make lessons tough for the client. 
  3. Swords: High priestess surrounded with swords brings into the picture the realms of thought/mind and how harsh situations help us balance the karma sometimes. High priestess is the message from the higer self to observe one’s situation from distance. This helps to gain better perspective. And often you see solutions you weren’t aware of earlier. 
  4. Disks: Disks being the earth cards help understand how solidly one holds the wisdom that high priestess is helping you gain. And how you express it in your day to day life.

So now enough of the theory, go and pull out the High Priestess from your favourite Tarot deck. Just observe her and try to feel the message she is giving you!

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