I was drawn to spirituality and mysticism from my very childhood, the thoughts about magical laws of universe use to fill me with wonder and desire to know more! Being born in a family that follows sanatan dharma(Hinduism) I had complete freedom to explore spirituality as much as I wanted to and I am glad I did!

I came to know about Tarot after reading a weekly Tarot Horoscope in one of my mother’s magazine! I was 12 then and something about Tarot cards touched me deeply, so much that I wanted to learn more about them, which was pretty difficult back then due to limited internet access and availability of Tarot Deck in India.

After searching for a Tarot deck everywhere I finally gave up and printed the cards pasted them on playing cards and started to practice with them nothing remained the same after that, Tarot became my constant spiritual companion guiding me on my path to understand self and offer peace to others by reading for them! Getting a tarot reading can be a very uplifting experience, it inspires you by revealing the wisdom that helps you grow in life.

I believe our future is not set on stone and our actions and willingness to change can change our future for better outcome!